Art is powerful. When a young person connects with the arts they find not just the capacity for personal expression, but also confidence in a discipline they can carry with them for life. That’s real power. Like the power-to-light-up-a-room powerful.

The Art Academy at Art-Kitect prides ourselves in offering a comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly blends the honoured techniques of realism with the cutting-edge and diverse practices of contemporary art, empowering our students to explore the boundless possibilities of self-expression and creativity. Art-Kitect students can learn a variety of artistic styles and mediums including figure and portraiture, anime/manga, architecture, animals and nature, still life renderings and more. Mediums we explore include pencil and charcoal, acrylic and oil paint, watercolour and digital art!

 Previous art experience or lessons are not a requirement to join our studio. We welcome every level of artist, including absolute beginners. Our classes are structured with step-by-step instruction making the drawing process simple and fun. Each year your child is enrolled we step up the skill level required for projects, so your child is continually engaged and challenged.

Curriculums for all classes are planned and created by Academy’s founder and creative director, Elissa Del Bel Belluz.

For all art class inquiries, please contact us via phone 647-368-4011 or e-mail, and a specialized staff member will be happy to assist you.